Symbolic Code

A description of the transformation process Sym uses.

Miscellaneous Non-Symbolic Code

Some functional programming concepts for C#. This free, open source, library will cut down on the number of lines of code you use by ~+5%, here's some examples of how. Instead of using a for loop structure, pass the nest in as a method name where that is easy to do. The method will operate on each member of the inArray and put each respective result in outArray.
outArray = Maps.Map(inArray, MethodName);
Lambda example.
outArray = Maps.Map(inArray, x => x.Name);
Check out the Sym code for more examples, including new calls, etc.
ActionMaps don't return an array. Folds fold in the manner a functional programmer would expect. Read up on functional programming, maps and folds, for a better understanding.

A free, open source, 3d vector library in C#.

More about 3d in C#.

A short essay on safe AI.

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